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Group of companies Talosto

«Talosto» the leader of frozen food production in the Russian Federation: ice-cream, frozen premade products and frozen paste.

The group was founded in 1992 as an ice-cream distributor. Now includes factories of frozen premade products and paste production: «Talosto» (Saint-Petersburg), «Talosto-Volhov» (Lenoblast), Ozersk milk plant, «Proviz», Podolsk cold store facility (Moscow oblast), «Talosto-Shahti». The head company of the group is ZAO «Talosto». The main brands: «Krutishka», «Mini-Bikini», «Zolotoi Slitok», «La Femme». Ice-cream production amounts 60% of the total turnover. The share of «Talosto» in this market is 12, 4%.