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Krutishka Extreme Zone '07

3 June 2007

Moscow, Sokolniki

Type: Holiday
Arts: bmx , breakdance, skateboarding

Annual «Krutishka.Extreme zone» ground at the ice-cream festival in Sokolniki

«Krutishka.Extreme zone» ground at the ice-cream festival in Sokolniki — show with competition elements.

On the stage — non-stop Da Boogie dj's sets and presenters MC Mandarin and Aleksandr Sokolai.

In the ramp — competitions and exhibition performances of bmxers and skateboarders.

On the dance floor — breakdance battle and dance show.

More than 300 caps and 200 T-shirts «Krutishka» were raffled off in contests.

MP-3 players «Krutishka» were offered to the winners of the contests.

More than 63 360 grams of «Krutishka» ice-cream were eaten.

More than 62 times the word «Krutishka» was pronounced by presenters.

360SCA managed and implemented the work of «Krutishka» ground at the festival.


Group of companies Talosto

«Talosto» the leader of frozen food production in the Russian Federation: ice-cream, frozen premade products and frozen paste.

The group was founded in 1992 as an ice-cream distributor. Now includes factories of frozen premade products and paste production: «Talosto» (Saint-Petersburg), «Talosto-Volhov» (Lenoblast), Ozersk milk plant, «Proviz», Podolsk cold store facility (Moscow oblast), «Talosto-Shahti». The head company of the group is ZAO «Talosto». The main brands: «Krutishka», «Mini-Bikini», «Zolotoi Slitok», «La Femme». Ice-cream production amounts 60% of the total turnover. The share of «Talosto» in this market is 12, 4%.