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BMX Racing Competition

1—30 April 2009

Moscow, Moscow region

Type: Contest
Art: bmx race

Series of Russian open cycling competitions in BMX race discipline for the prices of GU «CSA «Molodie Moskvichi».

BMX race competitions are held by Federetion of cycling in Russia and main coach of Russia team Nikiforov Valery Pavlovitch. BMX race is one of the most popular summer Olympic sports for youth because it is the most spectacular and dynamic racing discipline of cycling. BMX race unites elements of extreme sport and of the competition. This combination is a real show of human abilities. The track is well within view and audience see all the action.

3 stages of series:
I stage — April 2009, BMX–track, Yablochkova st. Moscow
II stage — Mai 2009, BMX–track, Maryino, Moscow
III stage — June 2009, BMX–track, Krasnaya Pahra, Moscow area

Opportunity for sponsor of the event:

Mentioning of sponsor in PR-campaign, sponsor logotype presence in announcing materials of the exhibition and event, partner logotype is on the territory of the event: banners with sponsor logotype on the track, flags on the sport complex territoryфлаги, on the numbers of participants. Logotype placement on T-shirts and baseball caps of sportsmen, judges and stuff. Logotype is on imitation of checks, partner logotype is on T-shirts, kerchiefs and small flags for audience.