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Sport communications is the process of communication between a brand and its audience, based on passion and love to sports that constantly keep unbelievable interest to it. We have checked that proper work with this peculiarity lets amazingly enrich the content of brand values and deepen the penetration of a message.

Marketing communications. We start building any communication from the answer to a question: what do we want to say and to whom? And only after that we apply all the necessary tools that let us say what we want and to whom we want with maximum effect. There are instruments that we have mastered perfectly, and there are ones we have to create depending on the goals. All members of our team can effectively apply the well known marketing instruments, but we are sure that the use of standard instruments is not enough for performing concrete tasks. Here, individual approach is needed.

Sport. The sports we chose have many names: extreme, non-Olympic, action sport, fun sport, etc. We prefer to call them «alternative sports», as in the frame of sport this name lets us embrace quite a wide variety of sports. Also it lets us avoid such connotations like in case with «extreme sports», associated mainly with teens and high level of risk for health, but it is not always like this (потому что?). But, honestly speaking, in the most interesting cases we are ready to work with traditional sports. All members of our team ride or play something.

People. They are the most important for us. They are the ones who determine what we do. People who work in the agency should enjoy their job, that's why they love what they do and succeed in it. The people who take part in our projects are the main, that's why we try to offer them only the things they will really like and need. The people who apply to us for service are everything for us, as they are the ones who make our work effective and efficient.
All members of our team communicate with people, not brands, companies, legal entities, robots etc.

We. We say that «being first is an advantage» because we have checked it in the two main spheres of our lives- sport and business. It's not easy but someone should! Our mission is to make sport an effective communicational platform for completion of business tasks. That's why this process promotes the development of business, sport our clients and us. We have worker under the brand of 360SCA since10 February 2006 and this idea belongs to three people: Alexey Mitrofanov, Ekaterina Kolchanova and Alexey Bezugliy, but our existence owes to everyone who works in the Agency.

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RUSSIA IN WORLD SPORTS: 6 Russians in struggle for champion title

Russian wild cards are named for Freeride World Tour 2009.

Wild cards holders of Russian stop of Nissan Russian Adventure Freeride World Tour are named. They are (snowboard): Elisabeth Pahl (Prielbrusie), Pavel Lvov (Moscow), Egor Druzhinin (Sochi); ski – Alexander Baydaev (Prielbrusie), Veronika Sorokina (Moscow).

Nissan Russian Adventure – first stop of Freeride World Tour (ski & snowboard) will take place in Krasnaya Polyana on January 20–25, 2009. Recently the only named Russian sportsman in official competition list was Gennadiy Hryachkov (Prielbrusie, snowboard). In the beginning of November 2009 the other six Russian sportsmen were named. During the January 2009 spectators of Nissan Russian Adventure will roots for following riders: Gennadiy Hryachkov, Elizabeth Pahl, Pavel Lvov, Egor Druzhinin, Alexander Baydaev, Veronika Sorokina.

The prospects of Russian sportsmen were positively evaluated by founder of Freeride World Tour Nikolas Hale-Woods, who visited Moscow during 15th International Ski&Board Salon in Moscow. «I think it is big-big progression. Fast progression. And I think Russian riders will not make for the podium in 2009, but they could make it in 2011, 2012, 2013… Pretty quickly you can see big attention, big excitement about the sport, so with more events happening… There is no qualifying event in 2009 in Russia, may be in 2010. And those regional events will give options for young riders to make their way to the top of the pyramid. And I think that I would not be surprised that will be Russian rider at the end of the season in five years».

The FWT organizing committee is sure, that in a year in Russia will be organized its own (and, probably, not one) freeride event from sister events series. Next year it names candidates to the participation in Russian Freeride World Tour stop 2010. And now Krasnaya Polyana slopes prepares for Nissan Russian Adventure 2009 – during this competition the best Russian riders meets the best freeriders of USA and Europe.

And who they are? Gennadiy Hryachkov – the winner of Freeride Russian Cup and the only Russian sportsmen in FWT official competitors ranking. Elizabeth Pahl and Alexander Baydaev are not newcomers too: in 2008 Elizabeth wins 3rd place in Nissan Russian Adventure and occupied 6th place in FWT ranking. Alexander achieved 7th place during Nissan Xtreme Verbier 2007 (now this event is the official ending of Freeride World Tour). Veronika Sorokina (4th place in Nissan Russian Adventure 2008) occupies 7th row in FWT competitors ranking. Young snowboarders Egor Druzhinin and Pavel Lvov are multiplied champions of Russian freeride competitions.

The organizers of Nissan Russian Adventure thinking optimistically: they believes, that the skiers and snowboarders will ride two runs, and international stars of sports takes all the pleasure of wild Polyana slopes. One of the run will take place in spectator's access zone, not far from «Alpika Servis» ski lift. The second run will undergo by heliboarding. Thereby from January 20 till 25 Russian stop of freeride word championship 2009 will be observed from Krasnaya Polyana alpine tracks.

«Nissan Motor RUS» is the general sponsor of Russian stop of the Freeride World Tour. Sponsoring support of the first in freeride history Russian FWT stop (Krasnaya Polyana, January 31 - February 5 2008,) become start for the Nissan Motor RUS project in international Nissan Sports Adventure communication strategy.

This communication program will be created for Nissan product and brand promotion through creation, development and supporting of unique sport projects. The strategy is oriented on people, behaving the active way of life. Feeling of adventures and desire to test oneself in wild nature and modern city circumstances unite spiritually close people, who wants to fill there's life by bright events and impressions.

Nissan Company is ready to offer journey fans all model line of off road vehicles. They are optimal for any different travels – easy to get over any obstacles, enable to transport sport equipment and travel with company of friends.

The support of sport part organizing and spectators travel tours to Krasnaya Polyana offers «Vertikalny Mir» travel agency. PR-support and partner cooperation in Russia accomplishes 360 Sport Communication Agency.

Information partners of FWT Russian stop are: Best Life Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, Onboard Magazine, EXTREME Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Nissan Russian Adventure — Sochi (Russia) 20–25 January
Nissan Tram Face — Squaw Valley (USA) 27 February-5 March
Nissan Freeride de Tignes (France) 8–14 March
Nissan Xtreme — Verbier (Switzerland) 20–29 March


WC1_Richard PERMIN (FRA)
WC2_Alexander BAYDAEV (RUS)
WC5_Griffin POST (USA)
WC6_Olivier MEYNET (FRA)

WC5_Janette HARGIN (SWE)

WC3_Pavel LVOV (RUS)

WC1_Elizabeth PAHL (RUS)
WC2_Géraldine FASNACHT (SUI)
WC4_Aline BOCK (GER)