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Calendar /2008

FMX Masters Contest

14.11.2008 1900—16.11.2008 2200

Moscow Sports Complex "Olympiysky" (16 Olympiysky Avenue )

Type: Contest
Art: freestyle motocross

14, 15, 16th of November international contest FMX Masters will take place in Moscow. All motofreestyle stars will take part in this event.

It was decided on July 21st 2008 when city, place and date for song contest «Eurovision» were determined. According to Government chairman of Russian Federation the song contest will take place in the end of April in Sports Complex «Olympiysky».

Exactly on this date it was planned to hold FMX Masters Contest. That's why a decision to hold FMX Masters Contest in November instead of Super Cross was taken. So MFR and «Orgacom» will announce place and time of «SX Moscow» after consultations and co-ordinations of Moscomsport and «Olympiysky» chiefs.