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Cable Wakeboard Worlds 2008 by Protest

The destination is spectacular. It is a kind of mystery to be on the Black Sea in Russia. Dolphins sometimes says Hello and jump in the sky. By the way. This sky is in 300 days of the year mostly blue. That is the reason why more than 3 million tourists visit Anapa every season. Most of them are Russians.

From the 4th -7th of September the 5th Cable Wakeboard Worlds 2008 Presented By Protest will bring a little international flair to this destination. Athletes from more than 15 nations plan to come there and to rock the black sea.

In this moment all riders are interesting to see who are the champions of this year. After rider and judges gave their oath during the opening ceremony on Thursday evening the president will open the worlds officially.

One of the hottest ones in the Open Men category seems to be the British Rider Nick Davies. In 2007 he was the IWSF (International Water Ski Federation) Rider of the year. He won nearly every possible title during the last year. So he is the existing European Champion of 2007.

But Mike Ketellaper from the Netherlands (from Protest team) will not let this crown to him without having an exiting competition during this days.

And if Laurent Peyrichou (France) is in topform he also can beat everybody. If Daniel Fetz, called Fetzy, can win a medal in Russia is not sure but hopefully. The championships would loose its fun when he would not take part.

Kinga Horvarth from Hungary rides over years now on a top level. Maybe it will be her next chance to win the world title. It is her biggest dream to win that title. But Alizee Brion (France) has the same dream. They both have a good chance to go for gold this year. If Maxine Sapulette and Mayanka Jansen (The Netherlands) decide to start in this Open Ladies category it could be a really exiting fight between this three.

In total riders can win 8 gold medals. The categories are Boys and Girls, Junior Ladies and Junior Men as well as Open Men and Open Ladies, the Master Men and Veteran category. It will be a hard to fight for the team medal. Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands are strong competitors.

So hopefully we will see some surprises during that comp. The MTV moderator Uriy Pashkow from Russia / Moskow for example will compete on an international level for his first time. Also Turkey and South Africa will send athletes which were not seen on international competitions before.

The information of the US team makes us a little bit sorry. So in the moment we do not know if we will see riders from the USA during the worlds.

Reason is that no selection competition could be held in the USA during this year. Therefore the federation can not send their riders officially. So only the Pro´s out of the States are on tour to ride some cash prize events this year. But without them more than 90% of the best riders in the world will be there.

All riders will try to show there best runs of the season. Every rider needs to choose a trick compilation that he will perform.

The tricklist of 2007 of the IWSF contains more than 140 tricks. So it will be hard job for 7 international judges during that weekend. Chief Judge is Tibor Althans (Germany).

For the party zone we will have open the dance Club just behind the cable during the competition. So easy listening and chill out parties will be organized during the days.

The voices of the event this year are Clint Liddy and Uriy Pashkow (MTV) — a living legend in Russia.

So there is only one to say: May the best rider win!

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