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Salomon trail running

23 August 2008

Moscow, Saint-Petersbourg, Sochi

Type: Contest
Art: trail runnig

Salomon Trail Running Series — series of competitions in Russia

Gallery Salomon Trail Running Series

Trail running is a new sport activity in Russia which takes place in both organized trail races, and as a recreational activity. It is a variant of running which generally takes place on hiking trails. Trail running includes cross-country and mountain running. Trail running as sport and hobby for many people supposes freedom, fields and various itineraries. Some will be attracted by splendid views, others by possibility to be far from cities. Trail running is sport, romance, physical training pleasure, felling «I CAN» and beatiful nature. You can't get it on the race way.

3 stages of the competition :
I stage — 23 August 2008, Moscow, Bitza, a recreation area
II stage — 6 September 2008, Zelenogorsk village of Leningradsky region, ski lodge «Priboi»
III stage — 4 October 2008, Sochi, Staraya Mazesta, Orlynie Skali (Eagle Rocks) region.

360SCA organized and held all the stages and made an efficient massmedia company on local and federal level.


Lijnii Sport (Ski Sport) magazin

The first magazine came out in 1996, at these times it was called “Ski races”.
In 1998 it was reregistered in Goskompechat RF and transformed to “Ski sport”. The «Ski sport» magazine made an unprecedented attempt to analyze the Russian market of alpine and running ski equipment and became the desk book for Russian and foreign specialists who make up their business in this market segment.

At the moment “Ski Sport” publishes the latest news of winter sports, develops the idea of performing alpine ski tests in which the record number of ski equipment producers take place. And also holds different events with participation of the best Russian skiers.