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Stas Solncev

Stas Solncev – one of the top Russian extreme and fashion photographers received medical education. Some years he practiced medicine, owned a medical business and made good money even by international standards. And then he suddenly changed his life and flung oneself into the swirl of professional extreme photography, full of severities, pitfalls and reefs.

Stas about surgery, overseas and Russia:

“I started to shoot for professional medical needs. I maintained medical history sheets and I needed to keep surgery records of each patient in their personal medical history. So I bought my first camera. I’ve always traveled much, and gradually I began to take the camera to my trips, trying to shoot nature, sport, architecture, life and the rhythm of streets in big cities. I remember, when I was living in Canada, I shot one and all.

It is urgent to put all effort to make your own high-quality portfolio. The hardest thing here is to choose from hundreds of snapshots the one which will hit and will be interesting not only for you alone. Doing this you should be a fanatic of your job, because sometimes (but far not always) the lack of talent can be offset by hardworking. And of course you should travel much – it extends consciousness and world perception of each man, who creates something – a writer, a journalist, or a photographer.

I like Russia very much with all its merits and demerits – it is my motherland. Wherever fortune and photo needs take me, I don’t loose connection with Russia, neither business contacts nor mental, metaphysical connection. More than once I have emigrated from our country – I lived for 3 years in South Africa, then I lived in Canada for a long time. My family lives and works in these countries. Anyway, I am led to believe that it is necessary to go away for new impressions and possibly for a long time. The photographer can’t fug at home, it will lead to the imagination vacuum, to the atrophy of creative thinking.”