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Konstantin Galat

Konstantin Galat — «Trial-sport» team rider (snowboard, Bataleon); freeride-guide, owner of Freeride Russian Cup (2005 – 3rd place, 2006 – 2nd place) and photographer (famous photographers like Mariam Lang-Villar, Christian Pondella and Jean-Marc Favre voted for his first prize in Vertmir Extreme Photo 2005).

Kostia speaking about professionalism, riding and freeride:

«I was at Verbiere freeride contest two times. What first of all amazes in Switzerland is the swing of the event and a general positive feeling of the place. You can feel professionalism everywhere: in event preparation and in the attitude to the people who visit the resort. During all the contest days there is a feeling of holiday all over the resort. Everything is prepared, everything works perfectly. Even the weather on European contests is mostly nice!

Riding and the work of a photographer should be strictly divided. If I shoot, I don’t ride. I’m looking for stories and situations, packed with rucksacks, tripods, batteries etc. Or I ride: I feel free and concentrate on riding. It’s very difficult to buckle the two, anyway not in one day.

For me and most of my friends freeride is a lifestyle. We work as freeride guides, live in the mountains, ride, walk, shoot… With all the people I closely communicate with in the last few years I met due to them. This is a whole life! Contests are a part of this life, an opportunity to meet each other, because we live in different mountains. This is a reason to spend a week together, to climb and to arrange some common projects, photo sessions, whatever. This is great!