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The German company IOU-Ramps is the leader in building skate and snowparks in Europe.

For today IOU is one of the industry leaders. The company is known all over the world, it projected and built equipment for such events as X–Games and it also cooperates with giants like Burton, Vans, Red Bull. IOU-Ramps use high quality materials and modern technologies that improve the quality of their production.



Sport entertaining festival in «Crocus City»

20 July 2007—…

International Exhibition Center "Crocus Expo", Moscow

Type: Festival
Arts: aggressive inline skating, bmx park , trampoline, breakdance, skateboarding

Sport entertaining festival in «Crocus City»

Sport entertaining festival in «Crocus City» — new type of event which offers not only various activities and shows for participants and guests but also possibility to try various kinds of sport. The festival was an important social event, because the aim was creation of youth sport culture and interest for healthy and active way of life. The event was made in the context of Federal target program «Development of sport and physical culture in Russian Federation for 2006–2015».

Sport entertaining festival in «Crocus City» united several grounds: indoor soccer, skating-rink, ground for playing chess (chess tournament «White Castle») and «Extreme Academy» park (skateboarding, aggressive inline, bmx, trampoline, breakdance and MC mastery).

The festival program included entertaining, sport competitions, famous sportsmen master classes and free communication with champions and stars of professional sport.

360SCA worked out and implemented PR-company of Sport entertaining festival in «Crocus City» and managed alternative sports ground «Crocus Extreme Academy».