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«NISSAN» is the Japanese industrial corporation, specializing in production of light vehicles, long vehicles, buses, sport boats and satellites. Nissan entered the market in 1933 with the level of sales reaching unbelievable for these years numbers — 20 000 cars per year. The company was making attempts to work even during the World War II. Production of cars and trucks totally stopped only in 1943 and in 1947 the company started increasing the volume of output after the forced stop of factories. Nowadays this is the second large Japanese automaker and one of the leaders of the world auto making that has divisions in 17 countries.




31 January 2008

Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana

Type: Сhampionship
Art: freeride

Freeride World Tour, Russian stage, ski and snowboard


NRA (Nissan Russian Adventure) is Russian stage of Freeride World Tour, in 2009 the first event location is Sochi (Russia).

FWT (Freeride World Tour) is official international freeride championship for the title of World Champion.

Freeride — winter sport which involves riding down any terrain available on ski or snowboard. Freeride is the most eye-catcher performance because it unites high speed and perfect riding technique.

360SCA represented the championship, helped to manage the event, made promotion of championship in Mass Media and worked with sponsors and partners on the territory of Russia.

  • Menth Health Magazine
    Информационный партнер
  • FWT SA
    Организатор Чемпионата
  • Heineken
    Партнер чемпионата
    Титульный спонсор чемпионата
  • Sky Express
    Официальный перевозчик чемпионата